Our New Pub Manager

My name is Steve and the cute one in the photo is ‘Taylor’, he is my 3 year old English Springer Spaniel. Whilst I don’t have to buy valentines cards each year, I do have to buy him a birthday card on the same day!

I was born and bred in Hertfordshire, to be more precise Borehamwood which has the postcode WD6 but within has a very well-known secondary postcode of ‘E20’. That is because it is the home of EastEnders (Never get me on the subject of famous people I have the fortune or misfortune to meet, suffice it to say I have sat and had a beer with Sean Connery!)

I have lived in Leamington Spa on a number of occasions as I always levitate back there in my free periods, as my mum, brother and his family live there!

I first started ‘Behind the Ramp’ at the age of 16, so to give you an idea that is nearly 29 years. I have done a number of other things in this time as well including living in South Africa.

I have run a variety of different styles of pub over this time, taking different skills away after each, but wherever I have been able to I have made that pub the hub of the surrounding community! I have a real passion for Real Ales and whilst in Stratford in East London my pub came 2nd in the City and East London CAMRA pub of the year.

I keep very up to date with all the trends that are happening in the licensed trade and hope to show some of that at the ‘New Inn’, starting with the ‘Gin Quarter’.

Another big passion of mine is food, especially good old British ‘traditionals’, when I have the time, I make my own Pork Pies, Chutneys and Mustards. In conjunction with the Chef you will see some great classics.

Food and drink aside I am an avid sports fan, especially rugby. Some might say I know nothing about football as I support my local team from my youth ‘Watford’, this explains where my dog gets his name from, as I grew up under the Graham Taylor era.

So what will I bring to The New Inn?
I foremost want the pub to be somewhere anyone would be happy to walk into by themselves. I always try and look at things as if through the eyes of my mum (also my best friend). She is a young 70 something and I always feel that if she will come in then anyone will feel comfortable.

I share the committee’s view that the pub should be the centre of the community, this will involve events to bring the villagers together, and this will include quiz nights, family fun days, special food evenings and other events throughout the year. I want to create a real ‘buzz’ about the place and I want The New Inn to be the first name on everyone’s lips when they talk about going out.

My ethos for suppliers is that we will source locally wherever we can. During the harvest period if anyone has excess of crops from there garden, we will accept them with open arms, anything that we cannot use we will do something with and donate it to local causes and those fallen on harder times, nothing will go to waste. With this in mind I would like us to have as close to a ‘zero’ carbon footprint as possible.

We are not far from getting the pub open, but there is still a lot to do, so we will let you know when our New Inn Facebook and Twitter accounts have been set-up, so you can get regular updates.

I look forward to meeting you all and as ‘Captain of the Ship’ – I hope to take you on an exciting journey.

Steve (and Taylor)

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